April Member of the Month Brianna St Pierre – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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April Member of the Month Brianna St Pierre


April Member of the Month Brianna St Pierre

What is your favorite class time?

My favorite class time is 9 am..when I don’t oversleep…
What is your favorite cross fit movement?
I like all of the movements but my favorite is probably snatches

What did you think of your first CrossFit experience?

I’m really happy i joined CrossFit.  It has really helped me to push myself a lot further than I thought and it is nice to have a community of people that support you and can relate to your goals.

What advice would you offer to someone just finishing Elements or thinking about trying CrossFit?

I think it’s important that people know that they don’t have to be the best but to just do the best that they can. Like many other things in life, I’m constantly learning new ways to improve myself in CrossFit. As long as your consistent and you keep trying, you’re going to get better.

What do you do when not at CrossFit?

When i’m not at CrossFit I am  usually spending time with my boyfriend or family or working or studying. Some days when I don’t get too CrossFit  I will try to change it up by going to the park and doing a workout or I will play sports.

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