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Bonus points


Bonus points

5 Points – Perfect Day. You eat REAL food. Meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, some fruit and good sources of fat. No slip ups.

-1 Point – You had a good day overall but one slip-up. Slip-up include: Cream/Almond Milk/Milk in coffee (a glass to drink would be -2), 1 tsp of hummus, 1 tsp of BBQ sauce, 1 tsp of Soy Sauce (notice: not all condiments are points off, check the shopping list)…the trend is that 1 point of for a very small slip.

-2 Points – You had a pretty good day. The majority of meals were good but you had more then just a taste of something. What would fall into this category of -2 (among others) would be: Not quite a meals worth, but a few nibbles of your kid’s sandwich, a couple fork fulls of a coworkers birthday cake, a dinner roll before dinner, 2 coffees throughout the day with cream/almond milk/milk in each…the trend here is not quite a whole meal off, but not just a morsel.

-3 Points – Your day isn’t ruined but you had a meal off. Sandwich for lunch. Oatmeal for breakfast. Spaghetti for dinner. The day’s not lost but somehow…a meal slipped through. But you didn’t budge on the sides or deserts. Breakfast wasn’t a breakfast sandwich AND donut, dinner not desert…

-4 points – Still the day’s not lost. You had a meal off + something that you know you shouldn’t have. Pasta dinner with a glass of wine. 4 cocktails after work.

-5 points – Still the day isn’t lost. You may have had more then a meal but you can still make up some points with your Bonus Points.

Bonus Points+ 1 for working out at DHCF
+ 1 for taking at least 3 grams of fish oil per day +1 for taking protein within 30 minutes of workout +1 for posting on DHCF  WOD Blog

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