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Monday December 5th

22.12.05 INTENDED STIMULUS Complete 5-8 rounds. Great workout to practice the toes-to-bar movement by reducing the reps and not changing the movement. Finish toes-to-bar in...
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Sunday December 4th

22.12.04 INTENDED STIMULUS 10:00 or faster. Box jump-overs in 2:00 or less. Run in 4:30 or less. Faster-paced workout after several days of long efforts....
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Saturday December 3rd

22.02.03 INTENDED STIMULUS Partner workout based on the hero workout, Holleyman. 20-30 rounds. Loading should allow cleans to be completed in :20 or less. Singles...
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Friday December 2nd

22.12.02 “LYNNE” INTENDED STIMULUS 10+ reps of each movement. Complete each round in less than 6:00. Advanced athletes can consider strict pull-ups or a harder...
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Thursday December 1st

22.12.01 INTENDED STIMULUS 13:00-18:00. This workout is intended to relieve some fatigue from this week. Workout is intended to be performed with lower complexity and...
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Tuesday November 29th

22.11.29 INTENDED STIMULUS 7:00-9:00 on the row. 2-4 rounds on the AMRAP. Test athletes’ skills under fatigue. Movement redundancy between the pressing in the dip...
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Monday November 28th

22.11.28 “ELLEN” INTENDED STIMULUS 8:00-13:00. New CrossFit Girl workout, “Ellen”. Use a single dumbbell on the snatches and a pair for the thrusters. Athletes should...
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Saturday November 26th

22.11.26 INTENDED STIMULUS 20:00-25:00. Partner workout where athletes share the work equally. Loading should force athletes to break 2-3 times during the farmers carry. RX...
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Friday November 25th

22.11.25 “Christine – ish” INTENDED STIMULUS 10:00-12:00. Finish the row in 2:30 or less. The loading of the barbell should be light enough so that...
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Thanksgiving November 24th

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 22.11.24 “ANGIE” OR “AN-JEE” OR”AN-GEE” INTENDED STIMULUS 15:00-25:00 Work in manageable sets for pull-ups and pushups Large sets for sit-ups and squats Newer...
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Tuesday November 22nd

22.11.22 INTENDED STIMULUS ~10:00. 10-15 burpees in 1:00. Use a lightweight for the shoulder-to-overhead. Consider a push press for the shoulder-to-overhead and then move to...
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Monday November 21st

22.11.21 Thanksgiving Schedule11/23 Wednesday – No 630 or 730pm class11/24 Thanksgiving – 8am and 930am only11/25 Friday – 8am and 930am only “GRACE OR ISABEL”...
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Sunday November 20th

22.11.20 INTENDED STIMULUS 20:00-25:00. Choose any monostructural option. Hold a consistent pace throughout the entire workout. Focus on a day with limited range of motion,...
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Saturday November 19th

22.11.19 INTENDED STIMULUS 10:00-16:00. Complete at least 10-reps with the KB. Partners switch back and forth as often as they would like. Athletes should shoot...
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Friday November 18th

22.11.18 INTENDED STIMULUS 4-5 rounds each 5:00 AMRAP. High aerobic effort. Athletes should find a calorie count that allows them to finish in :30. Athletes...
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