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CrossFit Opens and Friday Night Lights


CrossFit Opens and Friday Night Lights

OK guys. The Opens are coming up and with that comes Friday night lights. We have a lot of new members that have not experienced it, YET!!   Friday Night Lights is a 5 week long in house team competition. Each week we do the Open WOD on Fridays and Sundays. You do the workout level that is appropriate for you. There are RX, Scaled, Masters RX, Masters Scales, Teen and Teen Scaled workouts. We make up 4 teams and nominate captains from those teams, then those teams can recruit others not yet on a team to join their team. They must sign up for the Opens and join the Diamond Hill CrossFit team. We have 6 Divisions for people to compete in Men/Women RX, Men/Women Scaled, Masters (50+), and Teens (If we have at least 4). As an individual you will only compete against those within your division. I will list all the scoring at the end. We make all the teams about even with each division to give each team an equal chance at division points. If you are going to miss a week or can’t make Friday or Sunday that is OK, still do it. We or a team member can judge during Open Gym time on Monday for anyone that needs it. You must submit your score before Monday at 8pm. Here are the scoring rules.(Thjis will be posted at the box also)

Each Team can earn from 1 – 4 pts in each category depending on how many pts your teams earns in each scoring category. Most points in a scoring category earns 4 pts, 2nd earns 3 pts and so forth.
1. Participation: Each person that attempts the Open WOD each week earns 1 pt. You are only eligible to earn 1 pt, so multiple attempts at a WOD is still 1 pt. Team with highest participation each week will get 4 pts.
2. Friday Night Lights: Each person that attends Friday Night Lights earns 1 pt. You do not have to complete the WOD, but you must be present for at least 1 heat and must judge or otherwise be involved. Team with the most Friday Night pts will get 4 pts.
3. Team Average: Each individual score will be ranked each week from all the scores entered by DHCF athletes. Each team’s ranks will be added and averaged and the team with the highest average will be awarded 4 pts. This will be an overall rank and not based on division.
4. Division: Each person has been placed into 1 of 6 divisions. You will compete within your division for points. If you finish in the Top 50% of your division, you will earn 1 pt. Team with the most division pts will be awarded 4pts. The Divisions are Mens and Womens RX, Mens and Womens Scaled, Masters (50+) and Teens,
5. Spirit: Each person can earn spirit points each week. 1 pt for average spirit, 2 pts for exceptional spirit. Spirit will be judged by weekly theme, participation and support. Spirit will count all day Friday not just Friday Night Lights.Team with the most spirit points will earn 4 pts.
6. Guts & Grit: Each week one participant will earn the Guts & Grit award. This person’s team will earn an extra 4 pts for their team.

Remember that the Opens and the Intramurals are about friendly competition, think about the spirit of the game. You will be getting judged during these WODs and if a judge gives you a “NO REP” it is for your own good. It will only make you a better athlete and help your form and fitness down the road. Judges don’t let people get away with bad reps, you will only be hurting them in the long run.

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