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DHCF Elements Programs will  start on the 1st and 3rdMonday of each month and run on Mon and Wed at 6:45 am or 6:30 pm for 2 weeks. In the event that none of the times and days are convenient we can also schedule One on One Elements that will be scheduled with your availability. The  Elements Program and One on One Elements are 4 – one hour classes. Once you graduate from the Elements program you will be ready to join the main classes at whatever time is most convenient for you.

The program is:

  • Intended to help new members feel more confident in main class.
  • Learn the essential CrossFit movements.
  • Start to teach more about nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.
  • Give a better understanding of philosophy of the CrossFit training program and the nutritional strategies of CrossFit.
  • Provide better background on DHCF, its mission and philosophy.

Please come early and bring water (no sports drinks please), a notebook and wear workout shoes and clothes.

**Attendance required for all 4 elements classes.

  • If an athlete misses any classes they must make up at discounted PT cost of $25/session.

What is CrossFit?

  • CrossFit is more than a gym or a place to work out, it’s a community of people dedicated to improving their lives, health, and physical ability.
  • We are mothers and fathers who want the strength to care for their children and be active again.
  • We are grandparents and senior citizens that want to fight off major health threats while retaining the ability to live independently and enjoy longer and fuller lives.
  • We are competitive athletes, soldiers, police and firefighters looking for the edge in competitive sports, at work, or on the field of combat.
  • We are children and teens who are getting introduced to healthy fitness habits early in life.
  • We are all Athletes.

Yes it is for you! We hear that question all the time. Comments such as “I’m not in good enough shape to do CrossFit” or “I need to workout before I do CrossFit” are untrue. If you can walk, run, sit, stand, push or pull, then you are in good enough shape to start CrossFit! You have to take the first step to getting fit and it starts by putting your foot through the door. You do not need to be fit to do CrossFit; you will get fit doing CrossFit. The workouts are completely scalable and designed to push you to your own ability. Our main variable continues to be the degree of intensity not the kind of exercise. Our daily workouts are intense yet fully scalable to meet your personal needs or limitations. We use functional movements in constantly varied combinations, we scale the workouts to suit each individual so anyone can do CrossFit!

We require everyone new to CrossFit to take our Elements program. This will introduce you to the nine foundational movements of CrossFit. It will also help you to get to know your way around DHCF and start to learn the CF lingo, WOD,AMRAP, RFT, C2B. Most importantly it will introduce you to one of the most important elements of CrossFit,COMMUNITY.

Diamond Hill CrossFit is not just a fitness facility but a fitness COMMUNITY. We train using the CrossFit methodology, which is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Yes CrossFit is challenging and intense, but intensity is where results happen. Our dedicated coaches are here to guide and educate you to help you set and achieve your fitness goals and get results. You are not alone, you not only have the coaches but the power of the DHCF community. The power of community helps you to dig a little deeper, push a little harder. Together were are stronger and results will be amazing! Blood, sweat and tears bonds!

Constantly Varied


Functional Movement