December 2014 Member of the Month – Stephen Collard – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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December 2014 Member of the Month – Stephen Collard


December 2014 Member of the Month – Stephen Collard


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Why did you decide to join DHCF? 

I joined DHCF after I went to a 2 Hour session with my Scouts ( Troop 1 Diamond Hill), when I left I was hooked. I was looking for something besides the gym where everyone says “I pick things up and put them down”.  Every day you go to Cross Fit you are working on just about every muscle group, it is a “Complete” workout.  When you go to a regular gym you have to keep track of what exercise you did last ( Biceps, Triceps, Shoulder, Back, Chest, etc.)

What has been your most memorable achievement at DHCF?

Besides the 315 Burpees I just did: My most memorable achievement at DHCF was competing at Gillette Stadium September 2014 at the Cross Fit Challenge.  It was a 12 hour competition, every hour on the hour.  I was Nervous that this “Old Man” would not be able to hang with everybody else there. I think we shined as a group and feel this year we will do even better because of DHCF training.

How would you describe your first WOD with the “General Population?” 

My first WOD was very intimidating to say the least.  When you see the 3 levels L1, L2, and RX and the weights at each level it makes you shake your head. I remember not doing any of the exercises in proper form and using very light weight. I also remember walking down the steps to leave that day and barely getting down them.

What words of encouragement would you offer a new Elements graduate? 

If you are just entering the “General Population” do not concern yourself with how much weight you are lifting compared to everybody else.  Concern yourself with proper form, then once proper form is obtained you will automatically increase your weights. Keep asking Keith and Beth if you are doing the exercises correctly, they will always assist you. Try and get on a schedule immediately, it is always easier to say I am not going today to DHCF.  Sign up and go, an hour later you will be glad you did.

 What ist 2015 going to be “the year of” at CrossFit? 

2015 is going to be the Year of Personal bests:  Set your Goals, reach them and then set new ones. 

Can you confirm that  next year for “Toys for Tots”it will be double unders. 

No, No, No Keith, No Double Unders, maybe the year after.  I would think either Bupees again or maybe for every gift I will do 2 Burpee Pull-Ups!!

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