December Strength Cycle – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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December Strength Cycle


December Strength Cycle

Attn DHCF Athletes Starting Dec. 2nd

We will be starting a strength cycle for the next 4 weeks. We will be doing bench press or floor press, back squat and strict press.

We will work each lift 1x  per week.

There will be 2 levels of the strength program SL1 and SL2

SL2 will be for athletes who work at RX and L2 with no L1.

SL1 will be for beginning athletes or for athletes who work mostly at L1.

*If you are unsure of which level you should be working at please consult with us.


SL1 Athletes for all lifts will use the following set/rep scheme

3×5 at a challenging weight, the last two reps of set should be difficult, you should not feel like you can do 2 or 3 more reps.

You must record weight because each week you will be adding a small amount of weight. It will be weekly building.


SL2 Athletes for all lifts will use the following lift scheme.

You will need to know 1RM for lifts, if you do not know, the following formula will be used, WEIGHT X REPS X .0333 + WEIGHT = EST 1RM

 *An example would be I don’t know my 1RM bench press but I can do 5 reps at 95lbs, so using the formula,

(95 x 5 x .0333) + 95 = 108


Then take 90% of your 1RM or EST 1RM to use in following set/rep scheme

Week 1

 5 @ 65% , 5 @ 75%,  5+ @ 85%

 Week 2

 3 @ 70%, 3 @ 80% 3 + @ 90%

 Week 3

 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1+ @ 95%

 Week 4

 5 @ 40%, 5 @ 50%, 5 @ 60%

 For weeks 1-3 in last set you will try to get as many reps as possible beyond the set number. In week 4 you want to stick to rep numbers, DO NOT DO MORE.

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