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Everrrry Day-EGGS for breakfast!!


Everrrry Day-EGGS for breakfast!!


Everrrry Day-EGGS for BREAKFAST

by Beth

Yes, I do eat eggs every day for breakfast, 3 to be exact.  Hmmm are some saying to themselves right now, what about your cholesterol levels??  At my last check up about a year ago my total cholesterol was 159. In fact, in 2015 the government changed its guidelines on cholesterol, no longer needing to limit except in diabetic population. (1)

Eggs are also low in calories, about 78 per egg. If you have 3 eggs for breakfast that’s only about 240 calories and then add in a LOTS of veggies and you are only at about 300 calories. Eggs are nutrient dense, that means they have lots of vitamins and minerals too. Eggs are particularly high in choline, a vitamin which has been shown to assist in reducing fat storage.(2) They also contain high amounts of leucine, an amino acid essential for building muscle. Compare that to breakfast of a bagel, which averages 300 calories and if you add in butter or cream cheese that’s another 50-75 calories. Also a bagel breakfast has about ½ protein content and a much lower nutrient profile.

Eggs are also very satiating. The high protein content and positive effect on ghrelin, a hormone that regulates hunger can help you feel fuller longer and reduce calorie consumption at your next meal. This may be especially important if you are trying to lose weight. In one study participants (men and women) were divided into 4 groups, 2 reduced calorie groups with one group having eggs for breakfast and the other group bagels. The other 2 groups were not given reduced calorie but one had eggs and other bagels. The reduced calorie diet with eggs saw greater reduction in weight loss and body fat than bagel group. There was a less noticeable difference between egg group and bagel group(3). Also in another randomized study of men given 3 different test meals;  eggs on toast, cereal and milk, croissant and orange juice. The group with egg breakfast showed increased satiety, less hunger and lower desire to eat after breakfast relative to other two groups. The meal with the highest protein and lowest carb intake also had greatest effect on satiety.(4)

Eggs are inexpensive, quick and easy  to prepare. You can hard boil, scramble, fry or bake in the oven with veggies as “egg cupcakes”. Hard boiling is great because you can prepare ahead by boiling some in beginning of the week and enjoy for a few days, just add veggies as a side. The “egg cupcakes” can also be prepared ahead and enjoyed for a few days.

If you do have bagels, toast or cereal in the AM why not start by subbing in eggs and veggies a few times, it just may help if you are trying to lose weight, change body composition or just improve overall health.

Egg Cupcake recipe link from Paleomg





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