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Friday April 1st


Friday April 1st



For today’s workout we’re looking to build strength and skills. This is not meant to be turned into a blazing hot metcon. We should be looking for quality of movement over the number of rounds.

Athletes should challenge themselves with a heavier dumbbell for today’s workout. If they can do all 15 reps in a row at the RX weight, allow them to go heavier if you have the luxury of doing so. Athletes should be able to do at least 5 reps in a row without having to put the dumbbell down.

The handstand walk-in today’s workout gives us a great opportunity to work on a high skill. For some athletes, they can try to move fast and go for big unbroken sets. Other athletes may just try to walk as far as possible in 5 attempts. Regardless, this is a great day to practice this movement!


15 DB rows, left arm (50+/35+ lb)
15 DB rows, right arm
50-ft handstand walk


15 DB rows, left arm (40/25 lb)
15 DB rows, right arm
5 wall walks / 5 hand stand walk attempts


15 DB rows, left arm (25/15 lb)
15 DB rows, right arm
50-ft bear crawl


20 shoulder taps (holding a plank)
20 shoulder taps (holding a pike)
20 shoulder taps (upside down, belly to wall)
20 shoulder taps (upside down, back to wall)
20 shoulder taps (upside down, freestanding)


2 sets:
:30 supine snow angel stretch
:30 prone snow angel stretch


Target rounds | This isn’t for the number of rounds but more for the quality of movement. Allow members to move at a pace that reflects this.

In today’s workout we are looking to build strength and work on a high-level skill. Athletes should be able to keep their breathing under control today. This metcon should challenge them through muscular fatigue as well as their ability to perform a high skill under fatigue.

The DB weight should be relatively heavyweight. Athletes shouldn’t be able to perform each round unbroken, this would be an indicator that the weight is too light. At the same time, if an athlete can’t perform more than 5 reps without putting the DB down then it is likely too heavy. It is okay to go heavier than the RX weight if you have heavier DB options.

Athletes can use a prop of some sort to rest their opposite hand on while performing the row. An example would be having athletes use a bench as you traditionally would see.

Today is a great opportunity to practice the handstand walk. If you have athlete’s who are eager to go upside down but just quite aren’t able to perform 50-ft consistently, have them perform handstand walking attempts. We recommend giving the athlete 5 attempts to walk as far as they possibly can before reaching 50-ft. If you have a member who wants to go upside down but isn’t confident enough to practice walking, have them perform wall walks instead! This is a great way for your athletes to practice and build confidence with the skill without having to perform it.

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