Friday April 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday April 8th


Friday April 8th



Today’s workout is aerobic and is intended to be treated like a sprint. We want athletes to give 85-90% effort from the beginning and try to repeat that effort each round.

While one partner is working, the other is resting. This means they will likely be working as long as they’re resting. The rest should give the athletes enough time to almost fully recover before the next round.

Each round should take between 5:00 and 6:00. No round should take longer than 6:00.


3 rounds each for time with a partner:
500/450-m row
21 burpees
400-m run


3 rounds each for time with a partner:
400/350-m row
21 burpees
300-m run


3 rounds each for time with a partner:
400/350-m row
15 burpees
300-m run


Rest, stretch, recover


2 sets:
:30 alternating standing Figure 4 stretch
:30 standing hamstring stretch/side


Target time 30:00-35:00. 5:00 each round per partner.

Today’s workout is going to be aerobic. We want athletes to operate at a very high intensity. Their pace should be somewhat aggressive and will likely become uncomfortable by the second round. We don’t want athletes to blow up after the first round, but we also don’t want them to feel like they can easily hold their pace for another 3 rounds after the workout is over.

The row will set the tone today. Push athletes to finish each round under 2:00.

The burpees can slow people down today. If athletes can’t finish 20 burpees in under ~1:00, they should scale to 15 reps.

By the time athletes get to the run, they will be very fatigued. This is where they need to push through and finish strong.

Give your athletes the goal of trying to keep each round within :10 of one another. For example, if their first round took 5:00, the next round should not be slower than 5:15ish.

Advanced athletes may try to go faster by a few seconds each round. This goal will teach them a lot about pacing and will carry over into future workouts.

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