Friday December 18th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday December 18th


Friday December 18th

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General Warm Up:

2 Rounds of 20 Jumping Jacks, 5 Inch Worms, 20 Plank Jacks, 5 Pushups


Calf Stretch 1 minute per side, Foam roll mid/low back 2 minutes

Specific Warm up:

2 Rounds – 10 Sumo Squats, 20 Shoulder Taps, :30 DU/SU/SS

Part 1:

EMOM 8 – :25 Seconds of Sumo Deadlift Highpulls

Part 2:

10 RFT 10 Burpees, 25 DUs


DU => SU x 2


Roll Calves & Quads


Part 1 reps will be determined by the weight you have/choose. Try to keep you number consistent throughout all 8 minutes. Part 2 is all about moving. Keep steady on the burpees so you can pick your rope right up to start jumping. Try not to spend more than 1 minute on burpees.

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