Friday January 15th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday January 15th


Friday January 15th

Part 1:

Movement Prep & Warm-up

Part 2:

“Rocky Road”
10 Box Jump
12/15/2020 :60 Handstand Hold or or L-Hold on Box

RX+ 30′ HS Walk (Under Rack),30/24, RX 24/20, L2 20/18, L1 18/15


Handstand Hold => :60 DB Overhead Hold


Strict Toes-to-Bar/ Leg Raises*
*Every break, perform 5 Single Arm DB
Rows on each arm.


Alright, athletes, happy Friday! Overall, we want everyone to get upside down in some capacity. We will cover multiple ways to scale the handstand walk. However, if you have no desire to go upside down, we can
scale to a :60 second hold with DBs held locked out overhead. This workout presents an excellent opportunity to practice a high-skill movement without worrying about a time cap or running too long. If the box jump heights look unattainable, then find a higher-than-usual height that you feel comfortable repeating for several reps. We can reduce the reps as well to help us finish the box jumps in less than 1:00.

Scaling and Substitutions:

You want a skill level and rep scheme similar to the movements written that allows you to achieve 1 round every 1:00-2:00. Find a box jump height that is too high to rebound (one that you requires you to step down). However, make sure that you won’t fail the jump. If you need to scale the handstand walk, consider scaling to 5 attempts at max distance or about 1:00 of attempts. If you cannot handstand walk, then use :60 Second Hand Stand Hold or L-Hold on a box.

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