Friday January 22nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday January 22nd


Friday January 22nd

Part 1:

Movement Prep and Warm-up

Part 2:

“Great White Shark”
For Time:
36 Kipping Pull-Ups
63 Weighted Sit-Ups
27 Kipping Pull-Ups
45 Deficit Push-Ups*
18 Kipping Pull-Ups
27 DB Box Step Overs
9 Kipping Pull-Ups

RX 50/35, 24/20, L2 40/25, 20/18, L1 30/20, 18/15

*Hands on DBs


Pull-ups => Ring Rows, Deficit PU => Regular PU => Box Pushups


3 Sets:
:30 Two Handed Single DB Curl-to-Press
:30 Suitcase Deadlift (Right)
:30 Suitcase Deadlift (Left)
:30 Flutter Kicks


15:00-25:00 timeline for today’s workout. Overall, we expect this workout to look and feel a little slower. The weighted sit-ups and step-ups are slower movements by design. Similarly, the kipping pull-ups also have a slower cycle time compared to other kip swings. This is OK and expected. Time under tension and the speed variance is beneficial for all of us. The most important thing is making sure that you have the right repetition scheme for your pull-ups. While we expect this workout to be “slower” than most, we must avoid movement failure on the pull-ups. You are looking for a pull-up rep scheme where you can finish each round of pull-ups in ~3-4 sets.

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