Friday January 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday January 8th


Friday January 8th

Part 1:

Movement Prep and Warm-up

Part 2:

“Bull Shark”
3 Rounds:
200m KB/DB Waiter Walk +
200m Farmer Carry
20 Double KB Alternating
Gorilla Rows
20 Double KB Reverse Lunges
10 Box Jump Overs 

RX 35/25, 24/20, L2 30/20, 20/18, L1 25/15, 18/12

*20 Minute Cap


Box Jumps => Step Ups


2:00 Weighted Russian Twists
2:00 Two Handed Single DB/KB Curl to Press
2:00 Weighted Russian Twists


We want to finish in the 13:00-20:00 time frame today. Today is a slow, strength-focused Metcon. You want to find a loading that is moderately challenging and will allow you to perform sets of 7-10 reps before resting. We don’t recommend a lighter loading that allows you to get through unbroken. At the same time, the loading shouldn’t be so heavy that you continually perform smaller and smaller sets. On the overhead waiters, walk weight is too light if athletes can finish 200m without setting the weight down, it is too heavy if the athletes cannot keep their arm straight.


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