Friday July 3rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday July 3rd


Friday July 3rd

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General Warm-up:

3 min row (1st easy, 2nd Mod, 3rd hard)


Pec Stretch w/band or PVC, Down Dog to Up Dog – 1 minute, Couch Stretch – 1 minute per leg.


AMWUP 5 – 10 Banded Bent Over Rows, 5 Pushups/Negatives, 100m Run

Part 1:

3 Rounds of 10 Dracula Situps, 20 Shoulder Taps, 40 Flutter Kicks.

Rest 90 seconds between

Part 2:

3 RFT of 500/400 m Row, Max Pushups.

(Using plates and abmats or deficit for RX, any pause longer than 3 seconds ends pushups for that round)


Scale pushups to a level that allows at least 10-15 pushups in Round 1.


Try to maximize your pushups each round, Row should be around 90% max effort and right into pushups. Score is total pushups

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