Friday June 16th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday June 16th


Friday June 16th



Heavy lifting day.

Spin on a classic benchmark workout, Gwen.

Each set should consist of unbroken, touch-and-go reps.

Start at a moderate weight and build in load each set.

Perform a new set every 4:00.


For load:
– Sets must be unbroken. Athletes may power snatch or squat snatch.


Rest, stretch, and recover!


2 sets:
1:00 T-spine foam roll
:30 band pull-aparts


Target load | Heavy relative to each athlete’s capacity.

Today’s workout is not your typical heavy day. Go heavy, but only as heavy as possible with each set performed unbroken.

The goal is to find a weight in each set that feels manageable for half of the reps and then towards the end of the set, it takes all of your concentration and focus to complete.

If you fail a set, it still counts and you should then move on to the next set. The loading should be taxing enought that you don’t have time or energy to reattempt the weight within the 4:00 window.

Perform a power or squat snatch. The loading may allow you to perform some of the set with a power variation and then you may have to switch to a squat in order to finish.

The loading for your set of 10 reps should be around 60-70% of your best snatch.

Add a little bit of weight to as many of the sets as possible. It’s also OK to perform the same weight for multiple sets.

After the specific warm-up, partner up with 1 or 2 other athletes in class and share a barbell for the workout. This will keep you motivated and it will save you time when you add or subtract weight from the barbell.

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