Friday March 20th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday March 20th


Friday March 20th

AT HOME WOD (Click links for videos)

5:30pm Class – Join URL:


1 min run then 1 min on bike or rower or jumprope, whichever piece of equipment athlete is using for WOD. 


Roll Quads with foam roller – 1 min
Roll Pecs with Lax ball – 1 min each side
Roll Triceps with Lax ball – 1 min each Side

Part 1:

10 Rounds of 1 min of bike/row/speed steps and 10 Burpees. If not able to bike/row or Jumprope sub a 200m Run or 1 min of plate hops.


4 Rounds of :30 Second Plank with 1 minute rest between.

Goal is 15-20 min or 1:30-2:00 per round so scale accordingly

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