Friday March 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday March 27th


Friday March 27th

AT HOME WOD(Click on links for videos)

For those missing Murph.

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1 minute Jump Rope
10 Dead Bugs
1 minute Jump Rope
10 Single Leg V-ups
1 minute Jump Rope
10 Burpees


Squat to Stand – 10x
Roll Quads – 1 Minute
Smash Pecs and Calves w/ball – 1 Minute each 

Part 2 Warm-up: 

5-4-3 of Burpees and V-Ups, with 10 DU or 20 SU after each round

Part 2:

21-15-9 of Burpees, V Ups, with 35 DUs or 70 SUs after each round

Notes: Fast paced, like a sprint.
Core will be taxed, remember your nasal breathing

Scale/Sub: V-Ups => Single Leg V-Ups

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