Friday May 11th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday May 11th


Friday May 11th


Protein is found in every part of your body including your organs, tissues and even hormones.
 Protein Facts:
  • Highest thermic effect on body, that is it takes most energy to digest.
  • Supports lean muscle retention when you are trying to lose fat and get stronger
  • Made of amino acids essential for building and repairing muscles
  • Keeps body in a constant state of repair and renewal to help bounce back from tough workouts or any tough physical challenges



Push Jerk 4-4-4-4



21-15-9 of DB Hang Clean and Jerks, Push Ups


CrossFit MetCon

3×10 Barbell Squats, add weight each set, 3 x 10 eac leg of Barbell Lunges

WOD: For time 30 Wall balls, 40 KBS, 30 Push Press, 40 Plate jumps, 30 Burpees

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