Friday November 12th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday November 12th


Friday November 12th



1.) Complete each 200m sprint in < 1:00.
2.) Consider “active rest” between sets. Keep moving and stretching
between sets at a recovery pace to avoid stiffness.
3.) Complete the stretching at the end of class.
4.) Consider the skill work at the end of class if you have enough energy.


Every 4:00 for 7 Sets:
200m Sprint


100 Weighted Sit-ups (35/25#)
– Every time you break perform :30 superman hold


3 Sets:
:30 Banded Hamstring Stretch / Side
:30 Couch Stretch / Side


Target | Finish each sprint in 1:00 or less
• Record your fastest and your slowest score.
• Today’s workout is meant to touch on an area of our fitness we have not hit in some time. We want to
improve our highest output at the shortest time domains. Today’s workout also gives you a rest from the
loading and volume experienced throughout the rest of the week.
• You have a few ways to go about today’s workout. First, you can choose to run or use another piece of
equipment. Second, you can perform active recovery between sets, which means you can row, bike, or ski at an “infinitely sustainable recovery pace.” Between the sets of the running sprints, you will use the recovery to keep moving, avoid stiffness, but also move slowly enough so you don’t take away from your ability to sprint the 200m run.
• You will also have plenty of time post workout to move through today’s stretching and skill work. Just keep
in mind we still have a lot of volume and intensity the rest of the week. If you are feeling exhausted and beat
up, take today’s sprints at a moderate pace and use the post-class time to stretch and recover.


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