Friday November 27th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday November 27th


Friday November 27th

General Warm Up:

2 minute row increase pace after 1st minute


Pretzel Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Foam Roll Calves – 1 minute each side

Warm Up 2:

10 Coach led PVC pipe Strict Press, then 5 coach led with empty BB.

Part 1:

Strict Press – 5×5 same weight rest 2 minutes between sets

Warm Up 3:

 Rowing drills, legs only, hips only, hips and arms then full strokes Р10 each. Then 20 DUS or 40 SUS.

Part 2:

5 Rounds of 500m/400m Row then 1 minute Max DUs /SUs

Score is time and total DUs/Sus


Roll Calves and Glutes

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