Friday October 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday October 23rd


Friday October 23rd

Did you bring anything with you to have after your workout today?

After working out mix your favorite protein powder with coconut water or almond milk for the best results. Whey protein is the golds standard for building lean muscle mass!

You have a 30-minute window to replace glycogen stores to help with recovery and replenishment!

Bring something with you to have immediately after the workout- or try…..

General Warm Up:

Breathing 5-5-10 (in-hold-out) then 400m nasal breathing only run


15 Pass Thrus, Figure 4 – 1 minute each side

Specific Warm Up:

Burgener Warmup for Snatch then as group Power Snatches – pausing at knee, pause at Hip, High Pull then Power Snatch from Mid Shin

Part 1: 

Complex of 1 Snatch Pull + 2 Power Snatch every 2 minutes for 4 rounds (From the ground)

Review Movements

Part 2:

21-15-9 of Power Snatch and Pull Ups directly into 21-15-9 of KBS and Box Jumps

Rx 115/75, 53/35 L2 95/65, 44/26 L1 65/45,35/18


Pull Ups => Band or ring rows, KBS => RKBS, Box Jumps => Step-ups


100m walk then roll glutes 


Part 1 – Last set can be heavier than WOD or WOD weight. WOD will be challenging. 1st part is like “Fran” but you cannot approach it like Fran, pace for a 10+ minute WOD not a 5 minute WOD.

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