Friday October 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday October 2nd


Friday October 2nd

How often are you dining out?

It is important to stick to your meal plans and eating out often will not help you achieve your goals

If you are meal prepping as discussed, dining out will also cause you to waste some of the food you already prepped.

DHCF Battle Series Episode II:

Garrett, Billy and Will go head to head to head and Hanzalah and Talha go head to head for a birthday throwdown. Come watch the festivities at 7pm.


15 Cal Bike, 12 Deadlift, 9 Hang Power Clean, 6 S2O.

G.B&W – 100#, H&T – 65#

General Warm-Up:

2 Rounds of 10 Split Squats (5R/5L), 5 PVC SOTS press, 5 Pushups.


10 Spidermans w/twist, 10 PVC Pass Thrus.

Part 1:

Split Jerk Warm-up/Form:  10 Footwork Drops then – 3 Rounds (PVC, BB, Light) 5 Tall Jerk from front rack,5 Jerk Balance, 5 Pause Jerks. (

Part 2:

Split Jerks – 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1

Build to a 1 RM from the rack.

Rest 3 minutes between sets.


Lax Ball shoulders


Focus on the warmup drills and take that with you to the Split Jerks.

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