Friday October 9th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday October 9th


Friday October 9th

What are you eating after your workout?

Just like pre workout, a combination of protein and carbohydrates will replenish your muscles after a workout.

Try a ratio of 3:1 carbs to protein within 30 minutes after working out to absorb nutrients and replenish your glycogen stores

A mix of coconut water with your favorite protein powder should do the trick.

General Warm Up:

200m row, 200m run, 1 minute of jump rope.


Calf Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Roll Quad – 1 minute per side

Rowing Drills:

1 minute Hold at Catch, 15 Strokes Legs only, 15 Strokes Arms and Back, 10 Strokes with 3 sec pause at Catch

Part 2:

For Time:

1000m Row, 100 AbMat Sit Ups, 800m Run, 80 DUs, 400m Row, 40 RKBS

Rx 62+/53, L2 53/44, L1 44/35, DU => 175 SU


For WOD may adjust row and run for some athletes. The 1000m row and 800m run should be under 5 minutes. Steady grind WOD not blowing up on any exercise


200m walk roll hamstrings

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