Friday September 11th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday September 11th


Friday September 11th

How often do you cook?

We emphasize the importance of meal prepping, but what happens when you are not cooking your own meals?

It is important to cook your own meals and stay consistent with it – that way you know exactly what’s in your dishes and can prevent the added butter, oil, and sugar that will enhance flavor, but will boost calorie

General Warm Up:

1 min of Jump Rope then 2 sets of 5 Scap Push Ups, 5 Negative Push Ups, 10 Ab Mat Sit Ups, 10 Lunges


Knight to Hamstring – 1 minute each side, Roll Quads – 1 minute each side, Lax Ball Pecs on Rack/Wall – 1 min each side

Part 1:

Single Arm DB Row 4 x 8 moderate weight, same weigh across all sets. 90 seconds rest between sets

Part 2: 

“Never Doubt” AMRAP 20 (3,6,9,12,15,….) Pushups, Sit-Ups, Jumping Lunges (every 2 minutes 2 burpees) Compare to 3/16/15


Jumping Lunges => Lunges

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