Friday September 18th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday September 18th


Friday September 18th

Do you take any supplements?

Fruits and vegetables have the best bio-availability for vitamins and minerals.

If you are taking a supplement- try to purchase a liquid or powder over a pill that contains binders and fillers

Supplements aren’t regulated, many might not contain exactly what the label says

General Warm-up:

400m Run


Lax Ball Shoulders – 1 minute per side, Up Dog/Down Dog x 10, Cossack Squats x 10.

Warm-up 2:

2 Rounds, 5 Burpees, 5 KBS, 5 WBS, 100m Run.



6 RFT (with a Partner)

12 Synchronized Burpees, 16 KBS, 49 WBS, 400m Run (together)

RX 53/35, 20/14, L2 44/26, 16/12, L1 35/18, 12/8

Synchronized Burpees = Chest on floor same time, jump same time.


KBS => RKBS, Run => Row


Walk 100m, Snow Angels


Pulse nightclub tribute WOD. Burpees and Run are together, KBS and WBS can be broken up as needed. Work in sets to allow for the most continuous work and least down time. Clock stops when both partners finish last run

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