Friday September 23rd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Friday September 23rd


Friday September 23rd



All sets 70% or higher.

Perform all 5 sets across or make small jumps that are 10 lbs or less.

New set every 3 minutes.

Partner athletes up to share barbells and save time with clean-up and transitions.


5 sets for load:
5 overhead squats


3 sets:
10 behind the neck strict presses


1:00 pigeon stretch/side


Target | 5 heavy sets across

At the end of a very conditioning-heavy week, we have a heavy day to let the body recover from the intense volume.

The overhead squat demands much in the way of skill, strength, and flexibility, and our execution is going to challenge athletes’ stamina at the upper ends of their strength.

Rather than building to a heavy set, we want athletes to perform all 5 sets at a similarly heavy load. This can be done with the exact same weight, or athletes can add 5-10 lbs each set.

With only 5-10 lbs available for increasing load each set, athletes will have to start heavier than they normally might in order to build to a heavy set of 5. This is done to encourage accumulating more volume at heavier loads.

The goal is to go heavy, so athletes may scale to front squats if unable to squat heavy with loads overhead. We still want them to practice overhead squatting with a PVC or empty barbell in between heavy front squats to build more overhead capacity.

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