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Keith’s Keto Blog – Week 5


Keith’s Keto Blog – Week 5

Definitely learning some things about Keto, how it works and how I work on it.

1st thing I learned is BPC (Bullet Proof Coffee) helps my concentration. Last week during my tourney I did not drink it before my 8am game and I did not hit as well as the day before or the following day. I figured maybe it was just a bad game. Yesterday I once again skipped the BPC before my games and again I did not hit as well as normal and I felt like my reactions were a little slow in the field. So far I have skipped twice and not hit as well as normal, so I will not be skipping it anymore.

2nd thing I learned is after getting knocked out of ketosis, the next few days my workouts suffer. I get tired much faster than usual. I am not exactly sure how long it will take me to get back into ketosis yet but I am still learning.

3rd thing I think is that after getting knocked out of ketosis my system loses any weight gained pretty quickly. Last weekend I gained about 5.5 lbs while in Syracuse. Maybe it was water weight from the carbs but I lost it all and a few more by Friday (about 4 days).

Last thing. I promised myself a treat if I got below 210 lbs so Sunday I had a Bagel Sandwich for breakfast and 2 buns with my burgers for dinner. It was not as rewarding as I had thought it would be. I also have not had many cravings for that kind of things.

So as of Sunday I am down about 10 lbs in 5 weeks. 3 weeks to go on the 60 days. Not sure if I am going to stay on or alter and try and maintain. We will see where I end up and how I feel.

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