August 2020 Member of the Month – Sameer Khan – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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August 2020 Member of the Month – Sameer Khan


August 2020 Member of the Month – Sameer Khan

What is your full name and do you have any nicknames?

Full Name: Sameer Khan

Nick Name: Sam

Tony gave me a new nickname though – Sammy 😉

Where did you grow up

Hyderabad, India

Why CrossFit?

To Get Better & Get Stronger

Do you have a favorite CrossFit workout?

I always look forward to doing the Hero WODs. Until I did Murph, An-Gee had been my fav but not anymore. It’s gotta be “Murph”.

Completing “Murph” on my birthday, made that WOD extra special to me.

Next on cards: “Murph” with a 20lb vest.

   Favorite series?

Sherlock, GoT,  Daredevil & TBBT which I keep rewatching on & off.

I watch quite a few Anime too 😛 Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist & AoT are my fav anime.

Cats or Dogs?

Definitely Cats – love their unpredictability. But thanks to Murph, I am less scared of dogs now. He’s the first dog that I’ve petted <3

Favorite time to workout?

On weekdays it’s 6:30pm. Still working on getting up early on the weekend(s) to hit the gym in the morning.

Most used Emojii?

The Unamused Face Emoji

If you could live anywhere in the universe for one year where would it be?

DCAU – DC Animated Universe (If it does exist :P)

Movie title to describe your life

Hangry Man !!

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