Monday August 16th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday August 16th


Monday August 16th



1.) Complete the workout in <10:00.
2.) If you plan on scaling this workout, then it should take you between 5:00-10:00.
3.) Athletes should be able to perform between 5-10 reps with the load they choose.
4.) Cycle the barbell quickly and rest less than :30 each time you drop the barbell.


For Time:
30 Snatches (135/95#)


For Time:
30 Snatches (Appropriate weight)


Build up with a 3-position
power snatch


3 Sets
:30 Reach Roll & Lift
:30 Seated Torso Twist / Side
:30 Frog Stretch


Target Time | 5:00-10:00
• Today is a classic CrossFit benchmark that involves light to moderate barbell cycling.
• This is a workout that we want to move fast and get the reps done as quickly as possible. However, as always, technique comes first and then we add the speed. In the warm-up, focus on dialing in your technique and then slowly speed up as you feel more comfortable.
• Most athletes will put the bar down between 5-10 times in this workout. That may seem like a lot, but these breaks are quick and athletes should get right back to the bar. More moving and less looking at the bar.
• If you have completed this workout previously, look to recall those metrics (load & time). This way, you have something to shoot for and a guide as you warm-up.


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