Monday August 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday August 2nd


Monday August 2nd


Workout Goals
1.) Complete in less than 10 min
2.) Perform at least 10 Reps every time you pick up the bar
3.) Advanced Athletes should try to perform all 75 reps in 4 sets.

75 Snatches For time
RX 75/55
L2 65/45
L1 55/35

Build to a heavy Hang Power Snatch & Power Snatch

1:00 Seated Reach
1:00 Foam Roll Upper Back

Target Time | 5-10 min
Todays workout is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout. If you have performed this workout we want you to recall your finish time and weight used. In the warmup we will dial in our form/technique and focus on finding our workout weight. The weight we use should feel relatively light and we should be able to perform at least 10 reps each time we pick up the bar. Todays workout is less about feeling a heavier weight and more about the barbell and grip. Use a loading that allows you to do a traditional power snatch and muscle snatch. As a plan of attack, consider using a descending rep scheme. Example 20-18-17-10-10

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