Monday August 31st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday August 31st


Monday August 31st

What’s your favorite summer fruit that you might miss now that summer is ending?

Berries are a great choice because they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber as well as low in sugar!

Melons- especially watermelon is high in sugar so beware of the portion sizes when consuming watermelon

General Warm Up:

2 sets of 100 SUs, 15 Band rows on ground, 10 Cat Cow, 5 Burpees


Shoulder Stretch at Rack – 1 minute each side, Calf Roll – 1 minute each side

Review Part 1 Form

Part 1:

3 x 8 Barbell Row, moderate weight. Rest 2 minutes.

  Part 2:

AMRAP 15 – 20 Alt DB Snatch, 40 DUS, 20 Burpees, 40 DUS

DB – RX 50/35, L2 40/25, L1 35/20

Burpees – RX 20, L2 15, L1 12


DU => SU x2


Part 1 Weight should not be heavy. Athletes should follow the Burpee level and Weight level. Goal is 3+ rounds.

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