Monday December 14th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday December 14th


Monday December 14th

“You better mean 1 more week!!!!”

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Video Brief


5 seconds inhale – 10 seconds breath hold – 10 seconds exhale x 5 sets (2:05)

General Warm up:

Run/Row/Bike/Jump rope x 2 minutes.
(Nasal breathe only) Adjust intensity to be able to keep mouth shut.
Extra challenge: Do it while holding a mouthful of water.


Marcus Filly Thoracic Flow x 5:00

Part 1 (15 min):

Core – 4 rounds of:
Half Turkish Get Up x 5/side,
Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks with K B overhead – :30 seconds

Part 2 (20-25 min):

3 Rounds using as heavy a KB or DB as you can manage:
1. Contra-Lateral Racked Split Squat x 8-10/side
2. One arm KB row from Lunge stance x 8-10/side
3. KB Push Press x 8-10/side
4. Sprinter Stance RDL x 10 /side
5. One Arm Forearm Plank x 20 sec/side
6. One Arm KB carry x 30 sec/side
Rest 2:00 between rounds
Rest as much as needed but as little as possible between exercises, depending on how heavy your KB or DB is.

Cool Down:

Walk outside for 5:00

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