Monday July 6th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday July 6th


Monday July 6th

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General Warmup:

200m Run & 250m Row


Figure 4 on Foam Roller – 1 minute each side, Couch Stretch – 1 minute per leg

Part 1:

Row Drills – 1 minute Legs only, 1 minute Arms only, 2 minutes Pause at catch, 2 minutes Full Stroke, 1 minute No Layback.

Specific Warm-up:

3 Rounds – 100m Run, Rest 30 seconds, 5 Burpees, Rest 30 seconds, 150m Row, Rest 30 seconds.

Part 2:

Partner WOD – Each team must Row 2000k and Run 1600m, Can break up anyway but each partner must do 4 – 250m Rows and 4 – 200m Runs. Start when your partner gets back to their box.


Try and make mixed team of male/female. Short duration of work so push the pace. Choose a distance that allows this if scaling.


Knight Stretch into hamstring x 10 per side, Pigeon Stretch – 1 minute per side.

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