Monday June 29th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday June 29th


Monday June 29th

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General Warm-up:

Tabata – Plank and Hollow Hold, Alternate. 


Banded Lat Stretch on rack – 1 minute each arm, Pigeon Stretch on Box – 1 minute each leg, Hamstring Stretch on Box – 1 minute each leg.

Part 1:

Movement Prep – EMOM 10 – :30 on/ :30 off of each movement with empty barbell x 2


“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds of 1 minute of each.

Wall Balls, SDHP, Box Jumps, Push Press, Cal Row, Rest.

RX 75/55, 20/20, L2 65/45, 18/18, L1 55/35, 12/12


SDHP => KB SDHP, Box Jumps => Step Ups


There is very little rest, keep steady and don’t redline on 1st exercise. You are trying to get close to the same reps on all 3 rounds.

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