Monday June 8th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday June 8th


Monday June 8th

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Warm Up 1:

3:00 Rowing :50/:10, :40/:20, :30/:30


Lax Ball Shoulders 1:00/side
Foam Roll Quads/Hips 2:00

Warm Up 2:

6:00 Running clock repeat the following:
5 Push Ups
10 SA Strict Press
5 Squat Jumps
10 Alt. Lunges

Part 1:

4 x 20 Goblet Squats Moderate/Heavy, First 3 sets Moderate, Last set Heavy
:90-2:00 Rest Between Sets

Warm Up 3:

3 Cals, 3 Thrusters, 3 HSPU

Part 2:

12/9 Cal Row, 9 DB Thrusters, 6 HSPU
Rx: 50/35, L2: 40/25, L1: 30/15


HSPU => Inverted Box Pushups, Bear Crawl Pushups, Trad. Pushups, Box Pushups


Part 1: The nature of the squats will bring your weight forward and tire your Quads, sit back and be sure to engage the glutes and hamstrings. Chest should remain tall and core tight.
Part 2: Thrusters will raise your heart rate, be sure to breathe. Shoulders will be tired from both Thrusters and HSPU’s, think about breaking HSPU’s into 2 sets immediately or risk early fatigue. Use the short row as best of a recovery as possible.


Roll Quads, Glutes, Row 2:0

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