Monday March 18th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday March 18th


Monday March 18th

Open 19.4 1st time and Redo’s 6:30pm, 1st heat at 6:45pm, 2nd at 7:10pm. Please RSVP. 

Part 1: :20 sec Bar Hangs & 50m Farmers Carries(HAP). 6 Rounds Every 90 seconds.

Part 2: “Row/Rest” 12 x 1 min Row/1 min rest.  For max meters.

Notes: Your 1 min rows are at max intensity. The 1/1 work to rest should be a good recovery period for most rows to be about the same in meters. Set the rowers to 1 min Row intervals with a 1 min rest. 

Scaling: Part 1 – weights, Part 2 – None.

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