Monday March 1st – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday March 1st


Monday March 1st

Open 11.5


1.)  7-10 rounds
2.) Complete as many power cleans as possible in unbroken sets.
3.) Don’t overload the power clean or wall ball. Maintain sets of 5+ reps.

5 Power Cleans 
10 Toes-to-Bar
15 Wall Balls 

RX – 145/100, 20/14, L2 – 115/75, 14/10, L1 – 95/65, 10/8


:30 Press-up
:30 Couch Stretch / Leg
:30 Seated Straddle Stretch


Rest, Stretch and Recover


Our goal is to get 7-10 rounds. This workout is a repeat CrossFit Games Open workout from 2011. This workout looks simple, and the first few rounds are not difficult. However, this workout becomes much harder as time goes on because it allows you to keep moving if you want to. To do this workout RX’d, you need to be able to perform 5+ toes-to-bar in a row for multiple sets. You should also be able to complete the 5 power cleans touch-and-go, even though we will use a different strategy for the workout. This is an excellent day to practice large sets of unbroken wall balls. It’s a tough thing to do, but consider reducing the wall ball loading if you think you will need to break 15 reps up into more than 3 sets.
Challenge: pace yourself enough to complete as many rounds, reps, sets unbroken as possible, even if it isn’t the path to your best score.

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