Monday May 17th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday May 17th


Monday May 17th

“Heavy Day”

1.) Successful set(s) at 90-100% of your best muscle snatch. 
2.) Increase loading slightly across most sets.
3.) E3MO3M
4.) Focus on extending your hips all the way before you bend your arms.

All Levels

8 Sets For Load:
2 Muscle Snatch + 2 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats


50 Leg Raises Over Ball
50 Barbell Rows
50 Toes to Rack


3 Sets:
:30 Doorway Stretch / Side
:30 Banded Shoulder Stretch / Side
:30 Banded Rack Stretch / Side


Increase the weight slightly across as many sets as possible. Athletes should aim to start their first set around 70% of their best muscle snatch. If athletes don’t know their percentages, their first set should be something that is challenging and requires focus and attention. Athletes will be limited in the weight they can use based upon the muscle snatch. 

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