Monday November 2nd – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday November 2nd


Monday November 2nd

How often are you dining out?

It is important to stick to your meal plans and eating out often will not help you achieve your goals

If you are meal prepping as discussed, dining out will also cause you to waste some of the food you already prepped.

If dining out is a necessity due to work meetings or a festivity, try having vegetables as your side and do not overeat

General Warm-up:

Row 1 min easy pace, 1 minute Hard Pace.


Figure 4 in Box – 1 minute each leg, 10 Spidermans with a Twist per side.

Warm-Up 2:

2 Rounds (Increasing weight and height) 6 RKBS, :15 sec Hollow Hold, 4 Box Jumps, 30 second Row. Rest 1 minute between.

Part 2:

3 Rounds of 12 RKBS, Rest 15 seconds,

:30 second Hollow Hold, Rest 15 seconds,

8 Box Jumps, Rest 15 seconds,

Row 1 minute, Rest 90 seconds.

Increase pace on Row each round.

RX 62+/44+, 30/24, L2 53/35,24/20, L1 44/26, 20/18

(*1 burpee for each meter less than row before)


Box Jumps => High Step Ups


Walk/Row 1-2 minutes


This WOD will increase your heartrate with only short rest. Push harder each row and make sure to increase meters.

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