Monday November 7th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday November 7th


Monday November 7th



Heavy day!

Building strength stamina.

Decrease loading as reps increase.

The sets of 1 should be performed around 85%-100% of the athlete’s 1-rep max.

The sets of 3 should be performed around 80%-90% of the athlete’s 1-rep max.

The sets of 5 should be performed around 75%-85% of the athlete’s 1-rep max


Every 2:00 for 3 sets:
1 bench press

Every 2:00 for 3 sets:
3 bench presses

Every 2:00 for 3 sets:
5 bench presses


On an 8:00 clock:
8 barbell bent over rows
– Build to a heavy set.


1:00 lacrosse ball mash on deltoid/side
1:00 lacrosse ball mash on pec/side


Target load | Heavy, relative to the athlete.

Today’s workout is a non-traditional heavy day! Typically on our heavy days, we either increase loading across the sets or stay at the same weight. Today, we start heavy and decrease loading as the workout goes on.

Start today’s workout with a heavy weight and then decrease the loading as the reps increase.

Your first set may be around 85%-100% of your 1-rep max. During the 3 sets of 1, you can add load if needed to challenge yourself.

Once we complete the singles and move on to the sets of 3 reps, decrease your weight and aim to be around 80-90% of your 1-rep max. Try to find one weight for these 3 sets and stay there.

By the sets of 5, you will be relatively fatigued. Perform these sets at around 75-85% of your 1-rep max. Find one weight and stay here for all 3 sets.

The rest isn’t quite as long as you’re used to. having to go every 2:00 is much different than getting 2:00 of rest. For this reason, your loading may be lighter than you expect.

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