Monday November 9th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday November 9th


Monday November 9th

Do you take any supplements?

Fruits and vegetables have the best bioavailability for vitamins and minerals.

If you are taking a supplement- try to purchase a liquid or powder over a pill that contains binders and fillers

Supplements aren’t regulated, many might not contain exactly what the label says

General Warm-up:

Row 2 minutes.


Spidermans w/twist – 10 each side, Frog Stretch – 90 seconds.

Warm-up 2:

2 Rounds 10 Air Squats. 10 Banded Bent over Rows.

Part 2:

Row 3 x 8:00, 2:00 Active Rest.

(Round 1 – Start @22, Round 2 @16, Round 3 @24, every 2 minutes go up by 2 S/M.)

Row Cooldown – 6 min: 3 minutes easy row then 1 min easy row no straps then 1 min Forward Fold on seat then 1 min seated Figure 4 on seat (:30 sec side)


Focus for WOD is on stroke rate, try to keep as close to the rate as possible. For more of a strength component increase damper setting, for more of a cardio component keep normal damper or lower.

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