Monday Oct 14th Challenge Day 14 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday Oct 14th Challenge Day 14


Monday Oct 14th Challenge Day 14



“Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria”

Teams of 3 or 4

3 rounds –

Round 1 P1 Rows 750m then

P2 Runs 400m w/sandbag then

P3 150m Tire Drag

 Round 2

 P2 Rows 750m,

P3 400m Run w/sandbag,

P1 150m Tire drag

Round 3

 P3 750m Row,

P1 400m Run w/sandbag,

P2 150m Tire drag

RX 40/25 sandbag 45/25 plate in tire, L2 25/16 Sandbag 25/10 plate in tire

17 Responses

  1. Julie Leonard

    Looking forward to a good week on the challenge! Harvested a bunch of butternut squash. Love it roasted with cinnamon. But will soon need some interesting recipes!

  2. Julie Leonard

    Looking forward to a good week on the challenge. Need to make up for Saturday. Just picked a bunch of butternut squash. Yum!

  3. Shawn

    Ken we did some shopping today. Amazing how 200 doesn’t even fill the cart!! Lots of time on the outside aisles!!! But eating out less so I’m sure it evens out!!

  4. Steph noris

    Confession: had two huge handfuls of brookside choc covered pomegranates. bought and cooked all sorts of good stuff for the week, but guessing i lost every possible point this afternoon. CRACKED. 🙁

  5. Diamond Hill CrossFit

    We are closing in on the halfway point, stay strong. Everyone should be feeling better without all that sugar and starch in your systems.

  6. Amy

    Tomorrow is a new day, Steph. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing great! Nothing a 5:30 WOD can’t remedy, see you in the a.m.!

  7. Jim S

    I honestly can’t remember the last time i went two full weeks without an alcoholic beverage. Maybe since high school? It feels good though. I think when this is over, I’ll be much more likely to turn down a drink.

  8. Kristy Peterson

    I was really looking forward to getting back to cross fit today after the long weekend, and now I am trying to figure out how sore I am going to be tomorrow! Cross fit always motivates me to eat better too :)!

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