Monday October 26th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday October 26th


Monday October 26th

How much water did you drink today so far?

Water plays an important role with performance, recovery and achieving weight loss goals.

Try to drink at least 80 ounces of water per day!

Don’t like the taste of water? Try infusing with fresh fruit or mint!

General Warm-up:

200m Run then 2 rounds of 5 inchworms, 10 Banded Thrusters, 10 Step Back Lunges.


Couch Stretch, Banded Hamstring Stretch – 1 minute per side.

Part 1:

5 Rounds every 2 minutes of 5 V-Ups, 5 Plank Up/Downs, 10 Plank Jacks.

Warm-Up 3:

Run Test (:30 second run, use this test for scaling. If athletes are not at 200m turn around then make the spot they stopped at their turn around for WOD) then 200m Run (or new turn around) and 10 WBS w/WOD ball. Have scaling athletes check their run time.

Part 2:

“Kinda Running Karen”

150 WBS, Every 3 minutes run 200m.

RX 20/14, L2 16/12, L1 12/8


Run to ~1 minute


Walk 200m


Know your Karen time to calculate the time to complete. Work hard for 1st 3 minutes before 1st run to get as many WBS as possible.

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