Monday October 28th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday October 28th


Monday October 28th

Part 1: Warm-up for Part 2

Part 2:

600m Run,750m/600m Row, 1800m/1500m bike. Rest 3 min after each.

400m Run, 500m/375m Row, 1200m/950m Bike. Rest 2 min after each.

200m Run, 250m/200m Row, 600m/400m Bike. Rest 1 min after each.

Scale: Distances

Notes: Stimulus = Endurance/Stamina.

Each run/row/bike should be about the same time, track your times. Lots of rest so you should be able to work hard each time. This is a test for our scaling to see if the Run/Row/Bike distances are correct

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