Monday October 7th Challenge Day 7 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday October 7th Challenge Day 7


Monday October 7th Challenge Day 7


5:30 amers hitting up the “Fuel for Fire Challenge”



Bench Press



“Death by Power Snatch”

Rx 75/55. L2 65/45 L1 55/35

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  1. sarah

    Loved the shoulder stretch we did this morning! Finding we are not eating out like we usually do. Going to the store more and spending more money on groceries but less on eating out.

  2. Jeff L

    Great WOD this morning. It’s always the WOD’s that I think are going to be easier that end up kicking my butt. Finally got some Kale Krunch…may need to avoid it or I’ll go broke buying it. Good stuff!

  3. Julie Leonard

    Definitely spending a lot on groceries. But I feel better about what I’m
    Buying. Even though it takes twice as long at store reading all ingredients.

  4. Sharon

    Julie, I was just thinking the same thing. Ran into Dave’s the other day for a few things, and walked out almost an hour later because I was reading the labels and nutrition info! Spending more, but feel better about it.

  5. Amy

    Would love to see more bench press work…that was great! I could do without “death by…” anything! 1 week down on the Challenge, great job DHCF!

  6. Shawn

    Great “Italian dish tonight”. 2 chicken breasts on the crock pot. 1 jar of green mountain salsa. Slow cook all day. Serve over “spaghetti” squash. Almost like chicken cacciatore!!! Finally feel full!!

    Btw-anyone else travel for work? Looking for some lunch ideas on the road besides boring salad with chicken with no dressing 🙁 or snacks besides fruit and nuts!!

  7. Kristy Peterson

    Spaghetti squash in my house tonight too! Had never made that one before – more simple that I thought AND all 3 of my kids liked it (with butter and salt, ghee for me!) – a new record I think for a new veggie!

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