Monday September 28th – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Monday September 28th


Monday September 28th

New PM Schedule starts today.

What is your go to local restaurant for lunch or dinner?

Average restaurant meal contain over 1200 calories

American, Chinese and Italian meals averaged 1495 calories!

When eating out try to stick with the plate method (1/2 plate veggies, ¼ lean meat and ¼ whole grain/starch)

General Warm-up:

200m Run, 200m Row.


Banded Pass Thrus x 20, Squat Hold – :30 sec, Pigeon Stretch – 1 minute per side, :30 Squat Hold.

Warm-Up 2:

2 Rounds of Burgener Warm-up (Shrug, HP, Snatch, Clean, Push Jerk) (PVC, BB)

Part 1:

Snatch & Clean and Jerk Warm-up

Part 2:

On a running clock:

Min 0-5: 30 Snatches,

Min 5-10: 800m Run,

Min 10-15: 30 Clean & Jerk,

Min 15-20: 1000/900m Row.

Rx 135/95, L2 115/75, L1 95/65


Choose a weight and distance you feel you can finish in around 4 minutes


Foam Roll Upper Back, Snow Angels


Know your Grace and Isabel times and choose weight accordingly. You want at least 1 min rest each part. You should be able to move at a constant pace until done with both weightlifting movements, Scale the Run and Row if needed to keep under the 5 minute time limit.

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