November 2019 Member of the Month – Jason Gentili – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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November 2019 Member of the Month – Jason Gentili


November 2019 Member of the Month – Jason Gentili

What is your full name and do you have any nicknames?

Jason Thomas Gentili 


Where did you grow up

Franklin, MA 

Why CrossFit?

I was looking for something different when it came to working out.  With my history in running and triathlon, most, if not all, of my workouts were planned by me and completed on my own.  I love that I can just show up to class and someone tells me what to do for that particular day.  

Do you have a favorite CrossFit workout?

Despite being terrible at them, I enjoy cleans and snatches.  These movements were totally foreign to me so it’s fun to see how form and weight improve the more I do them.  

Favorite series?

I was/still am a total Harry Potter geek.  Also, Breaking Bad and The Wire were the best.   

Cats or Dogs?


Favorite time to workout?

9:00 AM is preferred when my schedule permits.  When it doesn’t, 5:30 AM is my back-up.   

Most used Emojii?

Thumbs up followed by the Eye Roll (those usually go to my wife) 

If you could live anywhere in the universe for one year where would it be?

Assuming I wouldn’t be abandoning my family/friends and be in danger of dying every minute, I’d live on Mars – all by myself.  Big fan of the book and movie The Martian.   

Movie title to describe your life

Big.  I’m totally a kid trapped in an adult’s body.  

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