Nutrition Challenge 2019 – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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Nutrition Challenge 2019


Nutrition Challenge 2019

Nutrition Challenge 2019


We will be doing a “2019 Kick-off” Challenge at DHCF. It will start January 7thand go for 30 days, until February 4th.


We will be bringing back the trays from the Spring 2018 challenge.

Each participant will:

Pay $20 to join (It will be cash prizes for top 2 winners)

Get weighed-in and waist measurement at beginning and end of challenge

Will “Eat real food, not too much and mostly plants.”


This challenge will focus on getting proper balance of proteins, carbs and fat in sufficient quantities. It will also have a sleep component. Sleep is verrry important to recovery and for maintaining over all good health and fitness.


The Points:


1 Point for Eating real food.


What is real food?

It was once alive and does not come from a box or container If it has a long shelf life and is man-made it is an edible, food like substance, but it is not FOOD.


1 Point for eating not too much

3-4 meals a day, no seconds, no snacks. Food trays will measure the food


1 point for mostly plants

Every meal must contain mostly vegetables, then protein and starch with a little bit of fat. The biggest space in container is for vegetables. You can have unlimited vegetables at each meal but min. amount is biggest section of tray


1 point for 7+ hours of sleep


There are no extra points. Eating and sleeping right will get you healthy, so that is how to earn points.


Food List



It goes in one of smaller compartments of tray.

Sample list


Meat (leanest cuts are best)



Carbs will go in the other smaller compartment. Stick with nutrient dense carbs like fruits and starchy carbs

Sample list

Sweet Potato





They go in the largest compartment

If it’s a vegetable, EAT IT

Try to diversify vegetables at each meal.

Sample list

Veggie=EAT IT



Serving size should be about size of your thumb.

Some examples would be avocadoes, grass-fed butter, avocado oil, fish oil

Sample list


Nuts and seeds

Olive oil

Grass Fed butter




How many trays?


If you are male or female over 165=4 trays

If male or female under 165=3 trays


What about pre or post workout?


Pre and post workout are for performance focused. If you are not where you want to be body composition wise then performance is not the priority.


What about foods?

  • If it’s a vegetable eat it, if its meat eat it.
  • No cold cuts or cured meats
  • No almond or coconut flour
  • No canola or vegetable oil
  • No honey, agave, maple syrup or sweeteners of any kind
  • No oatmeal
  • No Rx bars, Quest bars, or any bars
  • Nut butters must have no added ingredients other than salt
  • Up to one cup of unsweetened almond milk per day
  • Up to two tablespoons of cream per day
  • Up to two pieces of gum a day
  • Clean bacon is a fat





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