A Reminder and Announcement – Diamond Hill CrossFit
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A Reminder and Announcement


A Reminder and Announcement

Reminder: To help us prepare for class, please remember to RSVP for class. This will help us decide on how we may need to alter a WOD in the event of a very large class. If we have to alter a WOD on the fly it causes a lot of confusion and class to run late. Always remember if you forget to RSVP we still want to see you in class and don’t want it to deter you but if you can, it only takes 10 seconds to RSVP through your smart phone and it helps us a lot. Thanks in advance for your help.

Announcement: This Saturday at 8:15 we will have a quick 10-15 meeting on the Nutrition Challenge that will start October 1st. Some of the rules have changed from the past challenges so we want to help make sure everyone understands this one. We will answer questions and do weigh-ins and measurements as well for anyone that wants to get them out of the way.

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